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We have an answer for all your questions, but there is something which could be left to your imagination and to your ability to live a borderless holiday at Capo Vaticano (Tropea).








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The land of strong tastes


Price List

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Apartment plans

with the chance to have an additional bunk bed


Ground floor apartment

First floor apartment

To book you can call the

0966-774187  - Mobile 348-5150496

 or fax 0966-774512

Whether you need more information, send an email at:

for every single apartment    



capo vaticano            tropea                      hotel                                     villaggi                  ricadi                                vacanze                          calabria              case  vacanze       


How to reach the villa


You can easily reach the villa: by train up to the Ricadi Station (that is one kilometre far from the villa); by car: you need to take the Salerno/Reggio Calabria highway, getting out at Pizzo Calabro and continue for Tropea and Capo Vaticano; by plane: land at Lamezia Terme Airport, which is 80 km far from the villa.













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